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Basic Education Certificate Examination Registration Portal


Schools are advised to register all their candidates before the close of registration exercise. Candidates can still edit their profile even after registration, but can only change their names or pictures. You may not change examination number. Please visit our website regularly for information updates as to the date of the examination.

To start registration, select the first item on the menu "Bece Registration" and enter your serial and pin numbers as well as you school code. Once entered, you can no longer use that serial and pin number for another school. Once your serial and pin nubers are authenticated, you will be presented a landing page from where can now start registering candidates for your school.

The next three options on the nenu namely 'Print Candidates', 'Print Cas' and 'Print Extended List' are for printing reports. They are also available from the landing page. If you must use them from this menu, you have to supply the serial and pin numbers as well as your school code.

The fifth option 'Generate Examination Number' is expected to be used at the end of registering all candidates to generate new examination numbers for all candidates of your school that reflect the alphabetical order of names of candidates. Do not run this option if you have not finished registering candidates.

Click 'Log Out' to log out of the portal.

Note: If you must leave your computer for than 5-10 minutes, please complete whatever you are doing (for example, adding a new candidate or editing an existing candidates) and logout otherwise your session could expire.



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